Are You a Foreign National Who Is In Deportation Proceedings?

Being in the process of deportation can be scary and unnerving. Many people risk their lives to come to the United States from their country whether it’s for work, education, or family. But even after many years of living in the United States they are told to return to their own country. This can cause separation of families and hardships to U.S. spouses, parents and/or children. There are several ways that you can fight a deportation. ONE way is through the application for cancellation of removal. An individual may apply for this relief if they meet the following criteria:

  • Been living in the U.S. continuously for 10 years or more.
  • Is a person of good moral character. (look up)
  • Has not been convicted of certain types of crimes; and
  • Your wife, parent, or child is a U.S citizen or permanent resident and your removal would cause them exceptional and unusual hardship.

What does it mean “exceptional and unusual hardship”? Many removal cases have been denied for not meeting the “exception and unusual hardship.” To meet this standard, the client and the firm must show that the individual’s deportation would cause their child, spouse, or parent to suffer hardship, which would be substantially worse than hardship normally expected from deportation to an underdeveloped country. Financial/Economic hardship does not qualify alone.

If the individual is granted the application then they will receive a permanent residence card.  After having their permanent residence card for five years, they can apply for citizenship.

If you would like to discuss this or other ways to fight your deportation please call us for more information.  You can either call us for a free 10-minute phone consultation or schedule an appointment to further discuss your case.

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