Konare Law summer associate program’s goal is to position the Firm to continue be the leader in removal and deportation proceedings in the next 100 years and beyond by doing the following things well:

  • To identify future leaders of the bar and train them to be great litigators;
  • To receive feedback from talented students to continuously improve our processes and delivery of our services to our clients; and
  • To recruit the best and brightest amongst those summer associates whose dedication to the practice of law is unparalleled.


This goal is accomplished by engaging the law students in a 10-week intensive training that will touch on all aspects of immigration law, from litigation to non-litigation cases with many court appearances and ICE check-ins in-between. Specifically, the program’s aim is to ensure that the student achieves the following objectives:

  • Developing advocacy skills through drafting of briefs and memoranda of law, motions, requests regarding waivers of inadmissibility, conducting direct examinations and trial preparation.
  • Honing research skills.
  • Gaining knowledge of basic immigration terminology and reliefs.
  • Gaining knowledge of USCIS administrative procedures.
    Becoming knowledgeable with immigration court process and procedure.
    Understanding employment-based immigration and working with the Department of Labor.
  • Cases are assigned by Litigation (50%) and Non-litigation (50%)

In addition, summer associates will participate in the firm-wide program such as Best Practices and Master Series to better develop their skills so that they are ready on day one when they come on board. 
The Firm appreciates the time the students spend learning and will ensure that they do enjoy their time here while working at Konare Law.


If you are interested in learning more about the program, please contact (240) 651-5937 or to apply click the button below.